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Jerome is off highway 89A, before Cottonwood heading north. It is a quaint little town, which is now home to artist. In the many shops you can find homemade arts and crafts. Also the best "Fudge" around.

Just outside of Jerome, there is an old mining Ghost Town. When you take the tour, you will find almost anything old. From old trucks and steam engines to old mining equipment. It is a very unique place.

Be sure to check out the steam powered saw mill. It runs only once every half hour or so. They cut one slab off of a log and have to shut it down. Some of the old steam engines they have there date back to the mid to late 1800's. When we were there the last time, the guy that owns the Museum started up "Big Bertha". This engine is as big as a barn.

This is the oldest washing machine I have ever seen. I sure wouldn't want to do my clothes in it. But I guess it beats doing them by hand on a washboard. This is just some of the old "stuff" you will see there.

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