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We'd like to share with you some of the natural resources (our wildlife) that can be found around our great state of Arizona. There is such a wide range of different habitat, from the desert around Phoenix to the "High Country" which have Pine Forests. Each area has it's own distinct kinds of wildlife. Here are a few we have found in our travels.

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The Bull Elk we encountered at Stoneman Lake. He is the biggest we have seen. He is at least a 6x6 (12 point). The Cow Elk we encountered at Woods Canyon Lake. In the summer and fall you can see Cow Elk wandering all over. We have been to within 40 yards of them. They really aren't afraid of people. They are watchful though.

This is a Bull Elk we have seen in the Potato Lake area. This is one of the most magnificent creatures aroung. They are so majestic and are an awsome site to behold. If you ever get the chance to hear one bugle out in the wild, it will get your heart pumping like nothing else can. We get such a thrill just to be able to film them.

These are a few mule deer we have seen when camping along the Mogollon Rim area. This is one of our favorite spots to camp. If you notice in the picture on the right, the Deer looking at you, is a Buck. Notice how his ears don't stand straight up, they are standing out to the side. This is from having a wide set of Antlers. He has already shed his antlers and his new ones haven't grown back yet.

I know this is a little hard to see, but it is an Arizona "Abert" tree squirrel. They live in the high country where there are alot of Pines. They have a gray back and white underbelly. On there ears they have long tuffs of gray hair. The mature ones have reddish brown on there backs.

This is a Morning Dove. In Arizona we have 3 kinds of dove, White Wing Dove, Morning Dove, and Inca Dove. The White Wing and Morning Doves are migratory birds. Some of these Dove do stay here year round, they are covered under Arizona Game and Fish migratory bird laws. The Inca Dove is a protected species in Arizona and can not be hunted.

This is a Gambles Quail. There are three different species of Quail found here, the Merans, Scaled and Gambles. There are only found in the southern part of our state. Mostly in the desert parts of Arizona.

Big Horn sheep have been reintroduced to parts of Arizona for several years. Around Saguaro Lake area, east of Phoenix, there are two herds. One is on the North side of the lake and the other is on the South side. Both Herds are doing well and reproducing at this time. If you are on the lake and look up on the rock cliffs you may see them.

Antelope are found in the North Central part of Arizonna. We have seen them along I-40 west of Flagstaff and along 89a between Prescott and Sedona. They have a limited range here. We have seen heards of up to 15 at one time.

Coyote's are found all over Arizona. We have even seen them in town in open fields or on empty lots with trees. They have been known to take down small animals including small dogs. If you are camping in the High country you can hear them howl and yep after dark. It can be a erie sound if you aren't used to it. We have even had them come into our camp at night and go through the trash if it is left out.

There are a few places in Arizona where you can find Black Bear. Most of the time the are found in the Mountainess area's. But in times of very little rain they will come down from the mountains and into the city. Some campers have had run in's with the Bears when there isn't enough water or food in the higher areas.

Mountain Lions are also only found in the High Country. Mostly in the rocky areas. They have been known to come onto a Ranch and that can really cause problems for the rancher. Here in Arizona you have to have a permit to hunt the Mountain Lion. Most of the time if you are Hiking in the High Country you will never see one. Again, if there isn't enough rain for water or food, they can become a problem.

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